Welcome to the one of the most precious hidden jewels of Montenegro
First on this site more than 200 years ago, precisely in 1808,  Ceklin people built a tower on a hill overlooking the coast, in order to pay tribute to his Metropolitan, a man who would in the history of Montenegro be identified by the name – St. Peter of Cetinje. According to historical records, Petar I Petrovic Njegos used to reside in this tower in the period from November to April.

Karuč Bay has always been protected from the wind, there was always enough fish, and the climate was always mild. All this was a good enough reason to live here in winter period. There are some records that Peter I himself participated in the construction of this facility, while  according to some data the supervisor of the construction was Bela Colov.

Later, the tower had a defensive character as well, especially in the time of the attack of Omer Pasha on Montenegro in 1862. At the end of the 19th century this building was Karuč school, managed by the teacher Mihajlo K. Popovic.

Nevertheless, after construction of the tower, the residents of the surrounding villages built the first fishermen’s houses in which they deposited fishing tool or collected wheat from Ceklin fields that were processed at the time. That is how the village Karuc was founded.

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