Welcome to the one of the most precious hidden jewels of Montenegro
Lake Skadar is the largest lake in the Balkans with surface area around 530 km2. Approximately 2/3 of the lake belong to Montenegro, while 1/3 belongs to Albania. Montenegrin part of Lake Skadar was declared a National Park in 1983.

So far there have been registered  approximately 281 bird species and 50 fish species. It is the most representative ornithological object in Montenegro and as such it is best explored by cruising. The lake itself is a crypto depression, which means that its bigger part is below the sea level. In the 1995 Ramsar Convention Lake Skadar is added to the List of Wetlands of International importance. Besides enjoying the natural beauty of the lake, its shores covered with reeds and water lilies, in addition to this the flocks of water birds can be seen as well. Near Karuč, a fishing village which is a starting point of the cruise, there is a sunken ship named “Skender-beg”. It is the largest steamboat which had sailed the waters of Lake Skadar from the time of the Kingdom of Montenegro.

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If you love nature, landscapes of Lake Skadar will be something that you will talk about with your friends.